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Welcome to Martine Thérien's "Sales" section!

• Prices:
All prices are in canadian dollars ($CDN).
The prices listed here are the prices when the items are bought directly from the artist, i.e. in this web page. In galleries or exhibits, these prices are increased by 30 % to 50 % usually. Sales taxes are non-applicable.

• Shipping:
All items are shipped by UPS. The shipping cost is added to the total upon clicking on "Total amount".

• Purchasing procedure:
1. Start by entering your shipping information in the "Identification" section. All fields are mandatory.

2. In the "Dynamic Invoice" section, choose an item with the pop-up menu, then add this item to the invoice. You can see the item before adding it to the invoice–by clicking on "See the picture"–after an item has been chosen with the pop-up menu.

3. When an item has been added to the invoice, you can modify its quantity.

4. When the invoice is completed, click on "Print my invoice" and mail this invoice–along with your check to the amount specified in the "Total amount"–to the following address:

Martine Thérien
393, chemin Lac-Aux-Grelots
St-Évariste-de-Forsyth (Québec)
G0M 1S0

Thank you and have a very good day!


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